WCCM North Manchester & Lancashire

Joanne Cain

Report for WCCM Lancashire

October 2018

I have now been Regional Co Ordinator since October 17, the last twelve months have just flown by. A real pleasure taking up this role.  I have been made to feel very welcome by all I have met and I am grateful for all the support I have had this year.


Group Leader’s Meeting

The meetings are a good opportunity for leader’s to share their journey and where they feel support might be needed in the future. These are currently held at The Xavarian Mission Spirituality Centre, Preston 



The North Manchester - Lancashire and South Manchester - Cheshire, our joint Biery annual retreat in October 2018 was led by Brother John Martin Sahajananda to speak to us  Martin Sahajananda was recommended to us by Fr Laurence during his visit to Manchester. Once again and a pleasure to have had Terry Doyle join us. He is an experienced retreat leader specialising in the Way of the Embodied Contemplative. Terry also works on various social justice projects and is currently developing the Positive Pathways Out of Homelessness project for Depaul UK


Linking with South Manchester and Cheshire

It is a pleasure and great support for me to be linking closely with Pat Higgins who is co ordinating South Manchester and Cheshire. We have following a lead to be offering the 6 week course at Manchester University.


The event at Manchester Cathedral was a great success with  the anniversary of the attack at Manchester Arena. Fr. Laurence Freeman opened the day with a talk that would warm and open the hearts of many, not just to him as a man with an all-inclusive heart but to the all-inclusive heart of our WCCM community.  All attending were deeply engaged by his presentation of the contemplative approach to reconciliation, peace and healing, in the aftermath of the experience of terrorism experienced in the City of Manchester on May 22, 2017.    


Introductory Courses

There have been three Introductory Courses run in the region over the last twelve months each facilitated by different leaders. I valued the opportunity to watch and learn from David and Christine McKenna before leading a course myself. The result of these courses has been very positive with two new groups setting up and a significant level of interest within the Bury area.


Quiet Days

We have run over the year a few Quiet Days at St John with St Mark in Bury.  We are planning to run more in the New Year of 2019. We are delighted with the new facilities that are becoming available to us at this venue in Bury, through Christine and David’s outreach work.


Meet and Meditate

It has been a real joy to embark on some travels to “Meet and Meditate” with the different groups in the region. I have visited 12 of the 18 groups so far. It has felt good to witness the community spirit in our common tradition and practice of meditation.


Next Steps

Group Leaders working together to see how we might support each other more and support each other to provide more localised Quiet Days both in community venues and home venues.


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